You have been a business owner for awhile now.

However, you are starting to doubt that hitting the multi six figure mark in your business is even possible.

Are you consistently selling your products and services to a very defined, targeted market everyday... online and offline?

Sales is the life of your business. Becoming a great sales woman is the only way that you will reach your goal of multi six figures and beyond so that you can have the impact that you truly want in your clients lives as well as your own.

I find that the number one reason why many women entrepreneurs have not achieved multi six figure levels and beyond in their businesses is because of their limiting beliefs and emotional blocks around Sales.

Sales is the life of your business and without a full sales pipeline and the confidence to offer your products and services to those that you can help, your business will not grow.




I know how you feel. My name is Rashida Gaye. I am a Mindset Surgeon and a NLP Life & Business Coach. I have worked with women all over the world to help them achieve success in their lives and businesses. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur in October 2015, I was a sales rep for a national company. In the very beginning, I was terrified of selling to my target market.

I had all of these limiting beliefs around sales being slimy, or that I was bothering the very people that I knew I could help. However, I was able to release the limiting beliefs and blocks that were in the way and went on to sell 2 million in programs.

After making millions for a company, I was awarded a fake gold watch as a bonus. That was the wake up call that I need to realize that I had everything that I needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

I  have created $175,000 in my business in 21 months because I use the power of my subconscious mind and aligned business strategies that I learned from 3 multi millionaire business coaches.

I have also helped my clients create five figure months in their businesses using my hypnosis recordings, daily mindset practice and aligned strategies for growing their businesses.


Client Testimonials

"I exceeded my goal of attracting/generating $10K this monthI created $30,000 in only 90 days!!!! It wouldn't have been possible without Rashida's support. She revived me and helped me to reclaim my power & crown.  She also supported me in getting greater levels of brand clarification and we raised my prices.

I've trained with many who are considered the best in this entrepreneurship game, but Rashida truly transformed my life. I'm receiving compliment after compliment on how Confident I appear. People are citing my presence as Powerful. I've stepped into a new (rather healthier) sense of self. I feel grounded and UNSTOPPABLE. I've never felt this way for this long of a time."

Quanisha Green, MS, Philadelphia, PA

"I have been working with Rashida for a little over 2 months one on one. We started with the Reclaim Your Power program and moved to the "Build Your Digital Empire" business coaching program. I struggle to put into words what it has done for me and my business.

It has changed my life. I had blocks that I wasn't even aware of and have been able to free those. 
In the business side, I have been able to gain clarity and attract my ideal clients. I picked up 3 new clients in the last week, all people who I can't wait to work with!

I have also begun having consistent 5 figure income months. It is unreal what she has been able to do for my business and in turn what it will do for my family and our financial freedom. In fact, I had my first five figure month day of $13,450 last month!!!!

Y'all! I'm telling you, you will not regret any dollar you spend with this woman. It will change your life!

Courtney McClasky, Marysville, WA

In my Free "Sell Like A Pro" Workshop, I will help you to overcome your limiting beliefs and blocks around money and sales as well as give you some strategies for increasing your sales. I have had the honor of helping women all over the world to achieve success in their lives and businesses. It is my greatest passion and purpose and I look forward to helping you as well.

The class will take place on Tuesday, October 10th at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. We will be using the free videoconferencing app called Zoom to meet virtually. I will answer all of your questions during the workshop. This will not be a lecture. I will help you with increasing your sales. If you are unable to attend the workshop live, I will email you the recording.

Complete the registration below and you will receive the details to access the live class via email. If you don't see the confirmation email in your primary inbox folder, check your promotions or spam folders.