Sell A Million Like A Pro

4 Week Sales & Marketing Program

    You have decided to live your passion, purpose and create a great income helping people all over the world.

You are more than ready to create multi six figures and beyond in your  business.

However, you are still struggling with limiting beliefs around sales, money, and business as well as generating consistent leads and signing more clients.

Also, you are not sure how to use the power of FB ads to reach your soulmate clients all over the world.

You are ready to create more than enough cash and clients to grow your business and live the lifestyle that you truly desire

It is time to break out of business limbo! You limbo..under earning, overwhelmed, and questioning why you even decided to do this entrepreneurship thingy

Now is Your Time To Help More People and Grow Your Business!

Sales is the life of your business. Generating consistent targeted leads and becoming a great sales woman is the only way that you will be able to have the impact that you truly want in your clients lives and make great money too.


I find that the number one reason why many women entrepreneurs have not achieved multi six figure levels and beyond in their businesses is because of their limiting beliefs and emotional blocks around Sales, Business, and Money.

Many also do not have a proven strategy or system for generating consistent leads and closing more sales. It is my absolute passion to help women entrepreneurs in both of these areas.


My name is Rashida Gaye. I am a Mindset Surgeon and a NLP Life & Business Coach. I have worked with women all over the world to help them achieve success in their lives and businesses. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur in October 2015, I was a sales rep for a national company. In the very beginning, I was terrified of selling to my target market.

I had all of these limiting beliefs around sales being slimy, or that I was bothering the very people that I knew I could help. However, I was able to release the limiting beliefs and blocks that were in the way and went on to sell 2 million dollars in programs.

After making millions for a company, I was awarded a fake gold watch as a bonus. That was the wake up call that I need to realize that I had everything that I needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

I  have created multi six figures in my business in two years because I use the power of my subconscious mind, intuition and aligned business strategies.

I have also helped my clients create thousands of dollars in new business revenue using my hypnosis recordings, daily mindset practice and proven strategies for growing their businesses.

Client Testimonials

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I exceeded my goal of attracting/generating $10K this monthI created $30k in less than 90 days!!!! It wouldn't have been possible without Rashida's support. She revived me and helped me to reclaim my power & crown.  She also supported me in getting greater levels of brand clarification and we raised my prices.

I've trained with many who are considered the best in this entrepreneurship game, but Rashida truly transformed my life. I'm receiving compliment after compliment on how Confident I appear. People are citing my presence as Powerful. I've stepped into a new (rather healthier) sense of self. I feel grounded and UNSTOPPABLE. I've never felt this way for this long of a time.

It's sustainable because it's not from hype or motivation, but a deep connection to my worth and inner being.

I'm loving the (new) me!

Quanisha Green, MS, Philadelphia, PA


"I am so thankful that I made the DECISION to work with you Rashida Gaye. It was a BIG decision to invest in myself & business but I also knew I was worth it.

I feel revitalized as my business is now blooming. In just a few weeks, I've received over $4k in my business. I'm calling in my Soul Mate clients and loving it!!!! I get a chance to really connect and share from my heart. I'm feeling so Alive & Turned On in Life and in my Biz.

And, the ish is getting better by the day!

If anyone is on the fence about working with Rashida, get off TODAY and go for it! You'll be amazed."

Halima Chancellor, Marina Del Rey, CA


I struggle to put into words what working with Rashida Gaye has done for me and my business.

It has changed my life. I had blocks that I wasn't even aware of and have been able to free those. 
In the business side, I have been able to gain clarity and attract my ideal clients. I picked up 3 new clients in the last week, all people who I can't wait to work with!

I have also begun having consistent 5 figure income months. It is unreal what she has been able to do for my business and in turn what it will do for my family and our financial freedom.

Y'all! I'm telling you, you will not regret any dollar you spend with this woman. It will change your life!

Note: Courtney emailed me to tell me that she created a $13,000 day in June after our work together!!!! This was triple her previous corporate salary.

Courtney McClaskey, Marysville, WA

These women are just like you. They wanted to create more than enough money for themselves and their families. They wanted to wake up everyday and feel deeply connected to their passions and purpose. They weren't exactly sure how to achieve all of these things before working with me and I helped them to grow their businesses.

You are an ambitious, entrepreneurial minded woman who has already created some success in your business but you know there is so much more that you should be earning and contributing to improve the lives of others.

I deeply resonate with your struggles as a business woman. Before I became a successful sales woman and generated almost multi six figures in my online business, I struggled with powerful insecurities, attracting clients and customers and closing more sales.  I was able to upgrade my self-confidence and took advantage of sales training programs as well as worked with multi millionaire online business coaches to build my knowledge and skills around creating more leads and closing more sales.

You are A BUSINESS WOMAN who is here to impact the lives of people in powerful ways.. and it is my mission and purpose to help you with the money mindset work, business strategies, and sales training to help you create MULTI SIX FIGURES AND BEYOND in your business.

This is why I created my Sell A Million Like  A Pro Program


"Sell A Million Like A Pro

4 Week Sales & Marketing Program

This program includes:


This program will help you develop the money mindset, confidence, as well as proven business strategies to generate more targeted leads and close more sales

  • Session 1: Review of the The Daily Money Mindset Work, EFT Practice, Business Growth Hypnosis Recording, and Narrowing in on your soulmate client and offer(s) that you plan to sell

  • Session 2: Generating Consistent Leads: Marketing & Brand Messaging

  • Session 3: Using FB & Instagram Ads To Generate Even More Leads From Around The World

  • Session 4: Sales Training To Become A Master Closer


The investment for the program  is valued at $2,197 but I have decided to offer all of my January programs at a special investment level. The program is just $1,697 with a payment plan of 2 monthly payments of $875, three monthly payments of $584.



I am so excited to help you create more targeted leads and close more sales so that you can help more clients all over the world, do the work that you love and build your business to multi six figures and beyond.

You have always had a choice to create multi six figures and beyond in your business and serve clients all over the world.


Honor Your Choice NOW...