Learn...Then Earn Training Series - FB Ads Training

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Learn...Then Earn Training Series - FB Ads Training

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This is a training with my FB Ads Strategist Courtney Carol.  In about 15 minutes, she showed me how to invest $44 and create $2100 in 7 hours after I wasted thousands trying to figure out how to get a ROI using FB Ads.

This is a comprehensive FB Ads training. This is the audio version of the training because the entire file is too large for download through the squarespace website.  However, you will receive the video version via email.

In this training, Courtney will show you:

1.How to effectively create messaging four your soulmate tribe to sell your products and services

2.How to Affix an FB pixel to your website to create a targeted FB audience

3. How to use FB Power Editor to promote your FB Live chats and connect to your soulmate tribe

4. My friend and FB Ads Strategist, Courtney Carol will also be on the training to teach you more about using FB Ads to build your audience and create leads with ease. If you are not creating leads every day in your business, your business will not grow

5. How to build out effective sales funnel that generate leads, clients, and cash