Additional Resources

Creating A New Belief System

After over a year, I still do the daily mindset work everyday. It is a practice that I learned from two multi millionaires that enabled them to go from $0 in their businesses to multi millions.

Tune in everyday to the limiting, fearful, or doubtful thoughts that you hear because they will show up in your reality. Write a new belief system down everyday in contradiction to the limits that you are placing on yourself.

I have enclosed a copy of my belief system that I write down everyday. This practice will rewire your brain and reprogram your subconscious mind. It is a practice and you must commit to doing it everyday.


Emotional Release Work/EFT or Journaling

I use EFT (Emotional Release Work) whenever I feel any disempowering emotions that I know will affect my vibration. Remember, your vibration is always affecting your life and business. 

Here is a Video of Exactly How To Use EFT

There are over 300 Videos on my YouTube Channel designed to help you grow internally and grow your business.


Vedic Astrology Reading & Report

Indian Prosperity Mantra


Abraham Hicks 15 Minute Financial Abundance Meditation