MindShift Your Life Workshop

November 15th and November 21st

 I am so grateful because:

I just got back from a surprise trip to Hawaii to celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary with my husband.

Believe me, marriage is work and my husband and I have had our challenges over the years. However, I have used the power of my mind to transform our relationship and we have grown even more in love with as a result.

On my 42nd birthday back in June, I was able to take my mother and I on a bucket list trip to Bali to celebrate life! I used the power of my mind to create this trip.

My mother and I didn't always have the best relationship. I was raised in poverty and dysfunction and experienced childhood sexual abuse. I used to struggle with feelings of resentment and bitterness towards my mother as a result of feeling abandoned and unloved by her. She left my brothers and I with my father when they divorced when I was about 3. I used the power of my mind to forgive her, to heal my inner child and to love myself so that I could become this powerful woman who feels safe and fully supported in the pursuit of my dreams. 

I started my online business 2 years ago and have been able to create over $185K in only 22 months.

I created $2 million dollars as a sales rep for an employer and was only making $65K a year. I was working 50-60 hours a week and was underpaid and overworked. However, I stayed because I felt that I had limited options and I truly didn't see my value and worth. Reprogramming my mind from the lack and unworthiness mindset to an abundance and worthy mindset has been the key.

I also gave up the limiting belief that I had to work a career that was unfulfilling simply to pay the bills. I don't even work anymore. I do what I love and help the women that I love to help.

Over the last 3-5 months, I have lost 15 pounds and I am managing my high blood sugar by working out 4-5 times a week, eating better (not 100% of the time) and using an Ayurvedic tonic to also manage my high blood sugar.

Before reprogramming my mind, I could never stick to an exercise or healthy eating plan to manage my high blood sugar. It feels amazing now to take great care of myself and I look forward to eating well and going to the gym



Your Mind Is The Most Powerful Thing That You Own

There are so many more amazing things that I am doing in my life and business and it is simply because I am reprogramming my mind to create SUCCESS in every area of my life. I used to think that reprogramming the subconscious mind was a lot of woo woo. 

Things completely changed for me when I decided to get trained as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Life & Business Coach. I also worked with two multi millionaire business coaches who reaffirmed the belief that reprogramming the subconscious mind is the key to success. They taught me exactly how they were reprogramming their own minds to create millions.

Reprogramming your mind for success in every area of your life is not Woo Woo. It is actually science. Your brain has been hard wired for survival. All of your experiences beginning in childhood have created very strong neural pathways in your brain. These were created so that your brain knows how to react in any given situation that feels similar to one that it has already experienced. 

It has created established thought patterns. These are your beliefs. These beliefs are empowering you to take the daily inspired actions to achieve your goals or they are limiting you or holding you back. Most of the time, they are causing you to act the way you always have in the past.

These thought patterns and beliefs then create your emotions which power your actions. To transform every area of your life you only need to create new neural pathways in your brain and new subconscious belief systems. These will change your emotions which will then change your actions.

Nothing Will Ever Change If We Act The Way We Always Have



My deepest passion and purpose is helping women all around the world completely transform their lives and businesses. I have built life and business coaching programs which include inner work, mindset work, and hypnosis because I know that true transformation and change happens deep within.

In my MindShift Your Life Workshop, I will help you discover those subconscious thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks that cause self-sabotage and are in the way of achieving your goals in ALL areas of your life and business. I will also help you to imprint new thought patterns, belief systems, and empowering emotions to guarantee transformation in all areas of your life and business.

You Have The Mind Power To Create Your Wildest Dreams

I Will Show You How To Use It


Client Testimonials


This is a picture of my client buying her dream car after our work together. She also was single for many years and has met her dream man and they are planning to get married.

"You better be ready for fruitful life changes after working with Rashida Gaye. Her Reclaim Your Power program is the #Truth. I work a full-time job but after following her techniques started to see results immediately in the form of personal client contracts within a matter of days. I come not only to speak on business. Please note that once you begin to address your limiting beliefs through her techniques for business, the positive results will spill into other areas of your life.  I will be traveling to S. Africa and Cuba this year. Both of which were just dreams of mine. Yesssss!!! All my dreams are coming true and in the order that I wrote out in our vision planning session!!! lol It's amazing what all we can accomplish when we get "out of our own way" and release beliefs that are not serving us!!! Thank you coach, I will eternally be grateful for your program!!!!!!! Since taking Rashida’s program, I have truly become a “MindShift Disciple" and so I’m here to spread the good news!

Charlette Adams, Los Angeles, CA

I exceeded my goal of attracting/generating $10K this monthI created $30k in less than 90 days!!!! It wouldn't have been possible without Rashida's support. She revived me and helped me to reclaim my power & crown.  She also supported me in getting greater levels of brand clarification and we raised my prices.

I've trained with many who are considered the best in this entrepreneurship game, but Rashida truly transformed my life. I'm receiving compliment after compliment on how Confident I appear. People are citing my presence as Powerful. I've stepped into a new (rather healthier) sense of self. I feel grounded and UNSTOPPABLE. I've never felt this way for this long of a time.

It's sustainable because it's not from hype or motivation, but a deep connection to my worth and inner being.

I'm loving the (new) me!

Quanisha Green, MS, Philadelphia, PA



It has always been a dream of mine to do a TED talk and I have just got off the phone with TEDxLugano!
I submitted a proposal for their event in April, and they have now asked me to draft the document which will go to TED in New York for approval! My topic is going to be "Finding Business Lessons in the most unlikely places!" Very excited!
A year ago, I got a straight No, my topic wasn't what they were looking for. Doing the change work with Rashida has given me a new confidence to pursue what's important to me, and I firmly believe that by changing my beliefs, this opportunity is now available to me.

The Universe has my back! Working with Rashida is the proof of this. I am an avid follower of MindShift Life, as the regular messages give me the nudges I need to be the best version of myself.

About a month ago, I bought the Business Growth Hypnosis Session, and at the same time decided that I would write my book "Banishing Burnout, How an orphan taught me how to live". Since I started to listen to the hypnosis, I have been invited to speak, and launch my book at a huge event

Sarah Ross, Basel, Switzerland



I just finished working with Rashida and I'm still processing everything that has happened for me over the last several weeks. I am an actress with a bit of success, but I still had very deep rooted, limiting beliefs about myself and my place in the world. Through these sessions, I've connected to my higher self and have gained more confidence and wisdom than I ever though possible. I truly believe that I can achieve and have anything I want now! I've not felt this free in a very, VERY long time. Thank you so much, Rashida, for the work that you do. You are appreciated.

Kwajalyn Brown, Atlanta, GA

Note: Since our work together, Kwajalyn has landed roles on TV a TV One TV Movie, a History Channel TV Show, as well as a role on NCIS New Orleans Show and House of Cards. She has also been signed for her first leading role in a major motion picture. It is the new movie coming out soon named Honey 4. 


MindShift Your Life Workshop


Wednesday, November 15th at 6:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm EST

First Session

This session will help you to:

-Understand the power of your brain and mind to create your brand new reality in your life or business.

-Discover the limiting beliefs in the way of your success and shift them to create a new belief system that is only in support of your highest vision for your life and/or business

-Learn EFT to release the emotional blocks that are in the way of achieving your highest vision.

-Use Hypnosis to continue to reprogram your subconscious mind for success. It includes the daily mindset practice that my multi millionaire coaches showed me to create a brand new reality in every area of my life with the power of my mind.


Tuesday, November 21st Second Session at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST

This session will help you to:

-Continue to transform the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are in the way of your success with a limiting beliefs release exercise

-Work through those parts of you that are holding you back from creating your highest vision with a parts exercise

-Learn additional tips for creating success from the inside out

Now is the time for you to reprogram your mind for SUCCESS in EVERY area of your life!

19417131_10213338291877463_1250384652872139901_o (1).jpg

You are a powerful woman who has already created some success in your life but you are ready for the next level. You know deep inside that there are parts of you that are still getting in the way of allowing you to become the QUEEN that you were born to be and you are ready to END THE SELF-SABOTAGE NOW!

I deeply resonate with your deepest desires and personal struggles. I know that there are parts within you that cause you to doubt yourself, succumb to fear, and to mistreat your heart and your body.

These parts used to live within me and the inner work that I did with a Hypnotherapist, life coach, and business coaches completely transformed my life and business. I have done my inner work and continue to do this work to create my life by design and I am ready to help you do the same.