DreamSculpting is a brilliant way to create a Solid Plan to help you to achieve all of your Dreams and Goals.

]t first involves developing a Well-Formed Goal or Dream that is S.M.A.R.T. The Goal is then put to the test by uncovering any Limiting Beliefs and/or Emotional Blocks that prevent you from achieving it!!!!! 

]f you commit to doing the inner work that is required to release any Limiting Beliefs and/or Emotional Blocks, then the Goal is easily achievable. This work ensures that the unconscious mind is in alignment with the conscious will.


The Webinar is $75 and will be hosted  by Zoom. Zoom provides an app that allows attendees to participate via Web Videoconferencing. Download the app to your phone or the software to your laptop to install the free program. The only other materials that are required are Pens, markers, poster board, very large pieces of paper, and post it notes.

Submit the registration form below. Payment can be made here as well.